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Things to Know Before Buying Waste Paper in Bulk

Not all collected waste paper is suitable for recycling. Before you buy waste paper in bulk, you have to make sure that it can be used for recycling. So here are the few things you need to know before buying waste paper in bulk:

1. Waste paper suppliers collect the paper materials from collection points such as trash bins, commercial outlets that generate paper waste, paper scrap yards, and paper stores. And waste paper used as feedstock for making recycled paper is divided into three categories: mill broke, pre-consumer waste, and post-consumer waste. Mill broke is paper scrap obtained from manufacturers of paper. It is recycled in a paper mill. Pre-consumer waste is paper waste which left the paper mill but was discarded before it was ready for consumer use, and post-consumer waste is material discarded after a consumer has used it, such as newspapers, old corrugated containers, and news magazines.

2. Not all waste paper collected is of equal quality. For example, a newspaper is a lower grade paper because it has already been recycled many times, while printer paper is a higher grade paper because it still can be recycled many times. Grades of paper are determined by fiber length, which gets shortened after every recycling process, and after getting recycled for five to seven times, it becomes too short for recycling. So before buying waste paper, find out how many times it has been recycled already.

3. According to the EPA, there are five basic paper grade categories: old corrugated containers, mixed paper, old newspaper, high grade deinked paper, and pulp substitutes.

Here are some popular waste paper grades:

Old Corrugated Containers

OCC waste paper or old corrugated cartons supplied by OCC waste paper suppliers consists of corrugated containers having liners of either test liner or kraft. You might know this as corrugated cardboard. It is found in boxes and product packaging.

Mixed Paper

The mixed waste paper (MWP) includes a broad category of things like mail, catalogs, phone books, magazine, and a mixture of various grades of paper and board without restriction on short fiber content.

Old Newspapers

It consists of sorted or used or old newspapers (ONP) and other acceptable papers as typically generated by voluntary collection and curbside collection programs. It is used to make more newsprint, tissue, and other paper products.

Over Issued Newspapers

Over Issue Newspaper (OINP) consists of unused, overrun newspapers printed on newsprint, containing not more than the normal percentage of rotogravure and colored sections.

High-Grade Deinked Paper

It is a higher grade paper consists of things like envelopes, copy paper, and letterhead that has gone through the printing process and had the ink removed.

Pulp Substitutes

It contains discarded scraps from mills. One should check the quality of the waste paper to determine whether the type of waste paper is accepted or rejected for recycling.

So these are the three key things you should know about buying waste paper in bulk.

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How to Buy Waste Paper

Today manufacturers and recycling companies can buy waste paper online, and that too at very competitive prices as there is a lot of competition in the online marketplace. But many companies are not aware of it and have not much knowledge about buying waste paper online. To help newcomers get started, we have explained below how to buy waste paper online.

1. Find a reliable waste paper supplier

When you decide to start ordering for waste paper online, finding a reliable supplier is very important because many substandard suppliers are also out there. Finding a reliable supplier is not a difficult task if you know what exactly to look for. You can start your search online on Google. You can find the details of most buyers in your area in online directories. There will be hardly any business that does not have an online presence. Look for an experienced and highly reputed supplier. The key advantage of buying waste paper online from a supplier is you can read the reviews of past clients and know about the quality of services of your supplier. A well-reputed scrap paper supplier will have positive reviews and recommendations of clients.

2. Get quotes

The best thing about the online marketplace is there is no pressure of sales professionals on you. You can visit the website of as many suppliers as you want. There is no one watching you. Details about prices, grades of waste paper, and categories of waste paper are available on the website. Do your research and get quotes from three to five suppliers. As you will be buying tons of waste paper, a little increase or decrease in the quoted rate can create a huge impact. You can also negotiate with your supplier if his or her competitor is providing the same services at a cheaper price. Compare the quoted price and make your final decision.

3. Place your order

Once you have found a reliable supplier at the best price in your area, it is time to place your order. Majority of the suppliers have an option to sign up online and place an order. But there might be some suppliers who accept order over phone only. Read the shipping policy and place the order by signing up. Read the detailed description of the waste paper products you are ordering. If you have any doubts, you can contact the sales professionals over phone or online chat. Review your order and place it. You can pay online for your orders. Your order will be shipped to your address as per the time stipulated by the supplier.

So these are the three simple steps to buy waste paper online.

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