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Fire Damage Restoration – Four Crucial Steps Followed by Professionals

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Home and business fires are terrifying and devastating for everyone involved. The damage that smoke and flames causes is extensive and can be intimidating when it comes to cleanup and restoration. What does the building owner do once the flames have been put out? That’s where fire damage restoration companies come in.

Fire damage restoration companies are able to step in as soon as the flames have been extinguished to restore the building back to its previous use. Most companies follow four crucial steps to ensure that everything is taken care of and the restoration goes as smoothly as possible.

1)  Initial protection

Fire damage restoration companies should be called as soon as possible in order to minimize any further damage to the structure. Flames and water damage often leave structures with compromised roofs and walls. Rain, sleet, and snow can enter these areas and cause further damage if they are not properly covered.

There may also be structural safety concerns that need to be addressed immediately after a fire has been extinguished. Fire damage restoration companies are able to temporarily ensure the remaining structure is safe before the assessment and cleanup begins.

2)  Detailed Assessment

The next step that most fire damage restoration companies take is to complete a detailed assessment of the work that needs to be done. They will itemize the damage, including structural, water, and smoke damage. Damage to the structure and the contents will need to be assessed thoroughly.

Understanding the full extent of the damage is essential so the fire damage restoration company can provide the property owner and/or insurance company with an accurate quote for restoration.

3)  Clean Up

Before any restoration can happen, the fire damage restoration company must safely remove and dispose of all burned rubble. They must also clean all soot off of any surfaces that are to be salvaged. Soot can cause damage to surfaces long after the fire is out because of its acidic properties.

Cleaning up after a fire should be done by trained professionals. When objects are burned, they often release toxic fumes, which can be dangerous for anyone handling them. Fire damage restoration companies employ technicians that are trained in safe removal techniques and that have the right personal protective gear to ensure the technicians’ safety. These companies also are certified to safely dispose of any toxic refuse from a fire.

Water cleanup is also a large part of the process. Fire damage restoration companies must remove as much water as possible and dry out the structure. Mold can quickly become a problem after a fire otherwise.

Fire damage restoration companies also remove the lingering smoke odors. They have specialized equipment to assist in this process. This process may also include cleaning the HVAC systems within the building. Smoke can infiltrate all parts of a building as well as neighboring buildings.

4)  Restoration

Once the structure has been thoroughly cleaned, fire damage restoration companies can begin the restoration process. This may be mostly superficial work, or it could include structural restoration, depending on the extent of the fire.

What to Look for in a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Hiring the right fire damage restoration company can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety for the property owner. There are many companies to choose from, so it is important that property owners ask the right questions so they know they are hiring the best possible restoration company.

1)  Are they available when needed?

It is important to find a fire damage restoration company that is available for immediate protection. Good fire damage restoration companies have on-call crews that are available 24/7.

2)  Do they have a good relationship with insurance companies?

It is much easier for property owners to deal with fire damage restoration companies that have experience dealing with insurance companies. It relieves another layer of stress when the restoration company can speak directly with the insurance agent.

3)  What do past customers say about them?

If possible, property owners should look for reviews and comments about the fire damage restoration company before signing off on any restoration work. They should look for reviews regarding the work, timeline, communication, and satisfaction.

Working with a fire damage restoration company that is trustworthy, efficient, and effective will produce the best results. Full-service companies that can complete the entire job from initial protection to the final restoration work are the best choice.

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