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How to Choose the Right Paint Disposal Company

For residents of Austin, paint disposal opportunities are plentiful. You can drop off your extraneous paint cans at the Recycle & Reuse Center or browse through the listings on the Austin Reuse Directory to find places to sell or donate the paint. Better yet, you can contact a Austin paint disposal company and hire them to pick the cans up from your property.

The latter facility is why paint disposal companies are in such demand in Austin and elsewhere. While the Recycle & Reuse Center and the Austin Reuse Directory are invaluable in the city’s waste management efforts, the paint disposal companies offer you the most convenience.

You don’t have to exert your energy in carrying the heavy paint cans from the storage area and loading them in your vehicle. Furthermore, you don’t have to drive over to drop them off at the recycling center or the donation center.

Instead, the paint disposal Austin, Dallas or or nearby locations company will send their experienced crew over in a van to pick up the paint cans your property. It is not even necessary for you to set the paint cans out for the pick-up. The crew will go to where you have them stored and will haul the cams from there to out to their van. They will then take them to be recycled or donated.

Hiring a Dallas paint disposal company can, thus, save you a lot of time and effort. Finding the right paint disposal company is essential, though. How do you go about selecting one? Well, here are some suggestions that might help:

Search online

A quick online search will bring up the websites of many paint disposal companies in the Austin area. They will generally provide detailed information about their services, so be sure to read it with care.

Write down their email or phone number. It is best to talk to a company representative before you make your hiring decision.

Check if they do pick-ups

The main reason many people prefer to hire a paint disposal company is that they do pick-ups. However, you do need to find out if the companies that you have shortlisted do paint pick-ups in your neighborhood.

If you live far out of the area they usually cover, they may charge you more for the extra distance they have to cover.

Find out what types of paint they accept

Many paint disposal companies have policies about picking up only certain types of paint. For example, some companies will only take liquid, water-based paints, while others are open to oil-based ones. It all boils down to whether the company has the license and the expertise for handling certain paint types.

Usually, the company will have listed what they accept or don’t accept on their website. However, if they haven’t stated the matter very clearly and you want to know if they will take paints not listed, call them and ask.

Ask how they dispose of the paint

While it’s all fine and dandy to finally get the paints off your property, you also want to make sure that the company disposes of them in an environmentally responsible way. That means, no pouring the paint down drains or in landfills. Fortunately, most paint disposal companies in Austin follow legal and environmentally sound disposal methods. They will take the paints to a facility for recycling, or they will recycle them on their own.

What they do is collect certain types of paints and sort these by color and type. They then blend similar paints and carry out several quality checks on them. Once the colors pass these tests, they pack them into clean paint cans, which may be recycled ones or brand-new. The paint disposal company will then sell these recycled paints to homeowners and other buyers for a quarter of the cost of brand-new ones. However, quality-wise, there is very little difference between them. So, if anyone is in the market for paints, they might as well save their money while conserving the environment.

By recycling and reusing various types of paints in Austin, paint disposal companies perform an essential service towards the community. They help to keep the hazardous paint chemicals from polluting our environment and affecting our overall health.

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