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How to Find a Right Dumpster Rental Company

If you do not choose the right dumpster rental company; you might end up wasting your money and time. You need to assess your requirement for the dumpster (size, dumping material, budget, etc.) and then find a rental company accordingly.

Consider these tips to find the right dumpster rental company.

Search Online

When it comes to dumpster rental; is best to work with local and established businesses as opposed to big corporate or third-party contractors. With local businesses; you are more assured of personalized and better services. In order to find a dumpster rental company in your area; consider searching for it online. Online searches with the right keywords can yield excellent results in terms of providing you the name for local businesses. You can use search words such as dumpster rental Katy TX (if this is your location) or something on similar lines.

Check the websites of the local companies you find online. Reputed businesses maintain up-to-date websites for the benefit of their existing and potential customers. So, you can find all relevant information based on your requirements rather quickly.

Check Service Offerings

Does the company offer dumpsters for both residential and commercial uses?

If you are a homeowner requiring a dumpster for the duration of a renovation project, you might want to rent a smaller dumpster than what is often used for commercial purposes. If you want to rent a dumpster for commercial uses; you are most likely to require larges roll offs or even multiple hauls. Can the company arrange the dumpster size you need and when you need it?

Do they drop off the dumpster to your site as per your convenience?

It is best to call the companies and ask about this service if you do not find the information on their websites.  Can they consider your special request for a location drop off even if they usually don’t provide this service?

Do they offer the dumpster to rent via their own company or third-party contractors?

Some companies may work with contractors for their dumpster rental services. But then the quality of service is not assured. It is best to work with local businesses with their dumpsters available for rent.

Do they offer the dumpers in your budget?

Make sure to inquire about the costs beforehand. Ask for upfront pricing.

It is best to clarify these points before you finalize a dumpster rental service.

Check Dumpster Sizes

Checking the size of dumpsters available with a company is extremely important before you finalize one. You need not pay for a dumpster that is too large for your requirements and vice versa. Homeowners usually require smaller dumpsters (17 and 20 yards). Depending on the size of your driveway, a dumpster with a 30-yard container might also work for you.

Check Permitted Materials

Some materials such as hazardous waste, medical waste, household garbage, paints, septic waste, lead batteries, sludge, flammable waste, etc. are not permitted inside dumpsters. The company you wish to work with may have other items on their prohibited materials list. So, ensure that you know for sure that the material you need the dumpster for is permitted by the company.

The usually permitted materials are concrete, construction debris, fencing, wires, carpet, cloth, mattresses, furniture, lumber, glass, tile, bricks, and yard waste.

The list of permitted materials can be more or less. So, it is best to confirm before you rent the dumpster. For instance, there may be restrictions in place for appliances or some companies permit food waste if they are notified of it in advance. Roofing shingles with asbestos may be permitted if packaged as per regulatory guidelines. Otherwise, asbestos is not permitted in dumpsters.

Consider Customer Service

When you call a company with your inquiry; did you receive clear and prompt responses? Did the company’s representatives follow up with you in case they needed more time to answer your query? Perhaps they needed to make sure if they can deliver a certain size of dumpster to you by a certain date. So, did they call you and let you know or you had to wait and make the call by yourself?

The quality of customer service is important when considering a dumpster rental company.

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