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How to Find Responsible Electronics Recycling Companies

Over 80 percent of computers and electronics end up as high-tech electronic waste across the globe, it is important that as a responsible citizen we should choose electronic recycling in Austin very carefully. Choose a recycling company that is operating both socially and environmentally, end-to-end. To get an idea of how global dumping takes place, let us first discuss the business model for electronic recycling. To sustain in the business, electronic recyclers must able to generate enough revenues from all its reusing and recycling services as well as the recovery of other recycling materials and precious metals minus the operating costs and also the cost of de-manufacturing that stuff that have no value.

The main difference between a responsible electronics recycling company and an irresponsible one can be broken into three factors – the way revenues are generated from reusing services, how a company reclaims recycling materials and precious metals and how the de-manufacturing process of toxic, low-value elements are managed.

A responsible firm will invest in having a safe working environment with proper waste treatment procedures for preventing environmental contamination and the right protective gear for workers. Moreover, they will operate using special de-manufacturing equipment that will protect its workers from dust or harmful materials that escape during the de-manufacturing process. Before identifying a responsible electronics company, it is important how you can avoid an irresponsible recycling firm that is discussed below. Irresponsible recycling companies –

• Avoid sharing knowledge about the e-waste crisis on their company’s website or in their marketing catalog. They make it look very easy so that the client will not be asking any questions.

• No details about how they manage and track the recycling process to avoid global dumping. The lesser the consumer knows about the consequences of e-waste, the easier it will be or an irresponsible electronics recycler to engage in various forms of global dumping.

• Conduct greenwash fundraiser events with reputed nonprofit organizations that do not understand the right recycling process. By making the electronics recycling technique sound easy and by hiding under the guise of chambers of commerce, fundraising for schools, police association leagues and various nonprofits, electronics recycling Austin further disarm the public by urging them to donate their unwanted electronics at these events. They do not charge any fees but generate enough funds for donating to the nonprofits and can still able to pay the huge costs of de-manufacturing toxic elements.

• The fact is these fundraising recyclers collect stuff that can be reclaimed for cash and then dump the rest products on developing countries. They will incur minimum handing charges by selling these items as exports. This is how over 80 percent of the electronics recycling materials in the United States end up as e-waste in poor countries.

• Fail to provide either a permanent address for their electronics recycling facility or a proper permit for operating as a recycler. They use just a phone number when publishing during neighborhood pickup campaigns. When you call, it is transferred to an answering machine and there is no one to tell about their services.

Now you have got a fair idea about an irresponsible electronics recycling firm, let us focus on how to find a responsible electronics recycling company.

• Look for a firm who has corporate commitment mentioned in their website for addressing the global electronic waste crisis.

• Choose electronics recycling Austin, that educates the general public about the crisis of e-waste and socially responsible ways to de-manufacture and recycles.

• Make sure the company can able to demonstrate the entire process in evaluating reuse products, products for de-manufacturing and monitoring the system for keeping track of the de-manufacturing process.

• Choose a recycler that is widely respected by the environmentalists who focus on the e-waste crisis. These environmentalists have a firsthand experience on how dumping takes place and are experienced in identifying responsible recyclers.

• Support those recyclers who use only US-based de-manufacturing processes and machines, safety and health monitoring system for their workers and de-manufacturing facilities that have the right permits. Also, use recyclers who generate enough revenues from various services so that they can allocate proper budget towards responsible processing of toxic materials.

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