Tips for Finding the Best Infection Cleaning Services

infection cleaning

As the country slowly returns to normal pre-pandemic operations, and as employees are returning to their offices, it is important to ensure that all buildings are safe. The COVID-19 virus has forced property owners to re-evaluate what a safe office space looks like. Whether there has been a recent outbreak in a workplace or a business is opening for the first time since the pandemic started, property owners need to focus on infection cleaning.

There really is no better way to make sure that infection cleaning is performed properly than to hire a professional cleaning service that has experience dealing with infectious diseases. These companies have the experience and equipment necessary to efficiently and effectively clean infected areas thoroughly.

All types of workplaces and public buildings may require professional infection cleaning services, including office buildings, gyms, fitness centers, and dance studios. In some cases, professional infection cleaning is required after a COVID-19 outbreak while, in other cases, a thorough cleaning is needed before re-opening.

Any property owner who is looking for a professional infection cleaning company should consider the following:

1)  Experience matters

Working with an infection cleaning company with experience in infectious disease or biohazard cleaning is important. They have trained and professional staff as well as the specialized equipment needed to thoroughly clean in the safest manner possible.

2)  Transparent System

The best infection cleaning companies have a strict system of cleaning that they will be happy to share with their clients. Some of the steps that will be included are:

•  Site risk assessment – the team lead will take an initial tour of the space that requires infection cleaning and a make a detailed report outlining everything that needs to be done to ensure the space is properly cleaned.

•  Initial disinfection and cleaning – In order for the space to be thoroughly disinfected, the area should be sanitized with CDC-approved cleaning agents. Most infection cleaning companies will complete this step using electric spray guns to sanitize the large items and surfaces, including tables, chairs, walls, and floors.

•  Detailed cleaning – Once the initial disinfection has been completed, the next step in a thorough infection cleaning is to focus on the touch points or high traffic areas. These areas should be wiped with a combination of cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth.

•  Load reduction and disposal – In some instances where there was a direct COVID-19 infection, the items that the person was in contact with may need to be disposed of. Cloth or paper items should be treated as biohazardous materials and disposed of accordingly. Other items in the infected area should be deep cleaned with close attention to detail.

•  Final detailed cleaning – The infection cleaning crew will take one more cleaning pass through the area and wipe down any puddles of disinfectant. They will also hand clean items that cannot be sprayed, like computers, phones, personal items, and insides of drawers.

3)  Attention to Detail

It is important that an infection cleaning company pays close attention to the many details that are involved in safely cleaning a contaminated space. All surfaces need to be cleaned thoroughly. The air in the space also needs to be addressed. In many instances, the HVAC system will require cleaning and new HEPA filters be installed in order to maintain the air quality of the space.

4)  Satisfied Customers

It is important to choose an infection cleaning company that has a long list of satisfied customers. Property owners should pay special attention to reviews and recommendations that include things like promptness, good communication, fair pricing, and thorough work.

5)  Certified and Accredited

Not all infection cleaning companies are created equal. A property owner should look for a company that is certified for the work performed. Biohazard certification, as well as HVAC maintenance certification, are two types of certifications that the best infection cleaning companies will carry.

An Important Decision

Hiring the best infection cleaning company is an important decision for any property owner or facilities manager. It is imperative that the job is done thoroughly and efficiency so business can safely resume as soon as possible. Those tasked with providing a safe, virus-free space for employees and clients should be confident in the abilities of the cleaning company they hire.

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