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What to Expect from a Sanitizing Company

There are some messes that should be left to the professionals, like water damage, mold, and biohazards waste. The allure of saving a few dollars might seem enticing at first, but no amount of money is worth the risks surrounding a biohazard cleanup. This requires a certified and experienced sanitizing company who understands the regulations and protocols in place. Proper precautions must be taken to reduce the risk of contamination, disease, and virus spreading, especially during the era of Covid-19. Therefore, when hiring a sanitizing company, it’s important to focus on 5 key areas:


There are many risks involved in cleaning up biohazardous waste, including the potential to spread infection and disease. Because of the high tasks, a sanitizing company needs to have demonstrated experience. A sanitizing company should be aware of the proper safety equipment required to clean up a biohazard beforehand. Depending on the mess, there can be some emotional weight. Sanitizing companies deal with human blood, bodily fluids, and decomposing bodies, and it can be a traumatic sight for some. That’s why experience is so necessary. A professional sanitizing company will know what to expect and what is required when dealing with biohazard cleanup.

Reviews and Referrals

When researching a sanitizing company, request their references and ask for reviews because this information can expose a lot about a business. Because of the severity of the risks involved in cleaning a biohazard, sanitizing companies must be prepared to deal with the cleanup in a professional and organized manner. Checking reviews and referrals will provide honest insight into what can be expected from a sanitizing company during cleanup. To ensure the information provided isn’t biased, people should also tap into their own personal networks for recommendations. Posing the question on social media or searching sites like Twitter and Reddit can also yield helpful reviews. The way businesses address complaints is also important and says a great deal about their work ethic and customer service.


When deciding which sanitizing company to hire, pay attention to how transparent each business is. A professional and trust sanitizing company should honestly communicate its qualifications, strengths, weaknesses, and procedures. If information feels lacking or withheld, it can be a sign that a sanitizing company isn’t fully qualified or trustworthy. A sanitizing company should also be transparent about cost and should establish everything in writing. Determine the length of the cleaning service and everything that encompasses. The more specific, the better because this will allow the sanitizing company to accommodate the full request. Having everything in writing also clearly defines what is expected of the sanitizing company and the timeframe in which the cleaning will be completed.


Any sanitizing company being considered for hire should be registered, bonded, and insured. This includes a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Not only does this protect the sanitizing company, but it also protects those hiring the business in case something is damaged or someone is injured while on the job. If requested, a sanitizing company should be able to provide background checks on all of their team members. Any training and certifications should be clearly listed and accessible.

A Good Interview

If an individual or business is considering hiring a sanitizing company, they need to do a thorough interview before making any final decisions. Not every single sanitizing company works in the same way or has the same team dynamics. Request to meet with someone from the sanitizing company for a more in-depth discussion about their qualifications, skills, process, and team. Ask what types of cleaning products are used, how waste is disposed of, and what credentials they have. Focus on the personality of the people being interviewed; this may offer more insight into the inner workings of the business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about customer service and how a sanitizing company would handle an upset customer or dissatisfied client. End each interview by asking for references, and be sure to follow-up with your decision.

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